“ The Public Bureaucracy In Nigeria: Fifty-eight years in a quandary: What is the way forward? "


The event which was held on the 16th of August, 2018 had in attendance the DVC Academics Prof.J.O Ehiorobo who represented the vice chancellor, DVC Academics Prof. P.E iribhogbe, the Liberian, Register, Provosts, Deans and Directors, Past VC of the University, Prof osayuki oshoodin, Past CMD Ubth , Dr. mike ibadin, Staff, Students, Chiefs, Families, Friends and Relatives.
The event kicked off with the Register introducing the guests and the DVC Academics introduced the lecturer. He noted that it is the 58th in his tenure,12th in the faculty of social sciences.
Prof. Lambert was born in 1953. He is happily married and blessed with six children. He defined public bureaucracy as “The day to day management of government business”. He made known that many Asian countries that were doing worse than Nigeria before are now doing better because they are using a better bureaucracy than Nigeria. He summed up the fact that bureaucracy is the best form of legislature; He thrilled the crowd by quoting a Bible Verse which says that “When The Righteous is in Authority, The People Rejoice”. He clipped in the fact that Nigeria lacks planning but has good resources and no idea of implementation.
The event was packed full as lovers and friends of the professor were all in attendance to show their support. He made the place lively by receiving the reigns of Past Head of states and Presidents, He noted that hierarchy is most important part of bureaucracy. The event therefore ended with the Prof. being decorated amidst his family.

Department Of Public Administration
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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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