“Man and His Environment: Unsustainable Exploitation of the Land and the Dilemma of the Dog”


The Soil as a Living System:
The soil has been described soil as the direct mineral substrate of terrestrial plants (Epstein, 1972).
It consists of organic matter and mineral, soil-air,-water and -organisms, mainly microorganisms. The soil has an abundance of inorganic and organic substances, which occur as products of metabolism by soil organisms along with complex intermediates derived as part of the bio-geochemical cycles The activities going on in the soil confer on this natural resource the ability to provide products and services for humans.
A system so richly endowed, possessing properties which support life, generating living attributes and life giving features cannot but be seen and treated as living.
Man may have over exaggerated his dominance over his biotic compatriots and even the abiotic components on earth, apparently to his own detriment

Animal And Environmental Biology
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Thursday, May 19, 2016
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