"The Curse of Eve: Critical Perspectives on the Management of Peripartum Pain"


The 198th Inaugural lecture series which was held on Thursday, the 10th
of May, 2018, was delivered by professor Charles Osalumense Imariengiaye
and was graced by eminent personalities of the school; The Vice-
Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Deans of Faculties, Administration
Staffs, and students, all well represented and various family members,
friends, Royal Fathers, guests and well-wishers who trooped in
indefatigably to the ceremonies activities.

The event kicked off with the opening prayers, National Anthem which
preceded the schools harmonious anthem. Succeeded by this was as usual,
the opening speech by the Vice-chancellor, which encompassed the
recognition of the father of prof. Imariengiaye and a brief history of
the professor.

On his part, Professor Imariengiaye dedicated the auspicious occasion to
the Holy Spirit, his unflinching parents and to women who endure
endless pain in delivering babies. He spoke unequivocally on
Anaesthology; techniques and effects. He stated eloquently that his
reason for choosing the topic was to expose the trauma women go through
during child birth.

Also, in his unfettered stage, he described the various stages of labor.
He also humorously brightened the atmosphere by chipping in some of the
trivial complaints of women in the labor room. Notwithstanding, he also
described “Anesthetics” and further discussed its role in child birth.
In his lecture, he spoke on “Epidural Anesthetics” and how it may lead
to Cesarean Section and gave a statistical analysis of how its rate has
moved to 33%.

Likewise, he also made mention of “General Anesthetics and its
inevitability”. He stressed on Spinal Anesthetics and Material
Hypotension. He then stated the sagacity in selecting “Regular
Anesthetics” (R.A) rather than the “General Anesthetics” (G.A). He also
made a clarion call to enjoin all mothers to ensure that they register
for Ante- Natal care. He continued his lecture and educated everyone on
the various safety measures which are needed to be adhered to by
pregnant women and said that in the theatre, mothers are advised not to
fall asleep when given Anesthetics.

Conclusively, the lecture ended with the Professor giving his dire
acknowledgements to everyone who had in one way or another helped in
elevating him to his new height. He was afterwards decorated by the Vice
Chancellor Professor F.O. Orumwense in the presence of his family; his
amiable wife and lovely children who stood by him. Professor
Imariengiaye on his joyous day, was presented a card by his Old Boys
Association members which climaxed the end of the 198th Inaugural
lecture series.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018
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