"Entrepreneural Finance: On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Who will Not Look For His Naira and Kobo"

  • In Nigeria, arguments have been adduced for the abandonment of the use of the kobo coins. This lecture tries to examine these arguments entrepreneurially, and provide an insight into the importance of the use of the coins, in a digitized or global world of today. Whether we talk of Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Investment, Capital market and Institutions, and Personal Finance, the bottom line is money. In finance, we talk of Net Present Value (NPV), but, value of what? Internal Rate of Return (IRR), return of what? Pay Back (PB) method, payback of what? And, Average Rate of Return (ARR), average return of what? OF MONEY! Money in finance, as a discipline, is fundamental to the success or otherwise of any individual, organization, and country.
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
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Thursday, October 22, 2015
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