The event which was held on the 5th of July, 2018 at the main Akin- Deko Auditorium witnessed a large crowd which includes the Vice-Chancellor University of Benin Prof. F.F.O Orumwense, DVC Administration Prof. J.O Ehiorobo, DVC Academics Prof. P.E Iribhogbe, DVC Ekehuan Campus, Rep of the Bursar, University Liberian, Provosts, Deans of various Faculties, Directors, Host Dean Faculty of Arts, Staffs, Students, Past Deputy Governor Delta State, Chief Justice of Delta State, Rep of Delta State Governor duly represented by the Chief of Staff, family, friends, relatives and dignitaries from within and outside the State.

The event kicked off with the Administrators who were ceremoniously dressed marched into the Auditorium and the Registrar giving the opening speech with the recognition of the entourage. Thereafter the V.C came up stage to introduce the guest lecturer. He noted that it is the 55th in his tenure and the 13th in the Faculty of Arts. A brief history was given on the lecturer and it was noted that he once served as an assistant Dean in the Faculty of Arts. He is also a pioneer of a radio programme called Jazz Night. He is married to a Judge who is also the president Delta State Customary Court of Appeal and are blessed with two children.

Although it was a raining evening, it did not stop guests from trooping into the hall as the love they had for the Prof. was so great they had to be present. The lecture thereby kicked off with the lecturer dedicating it to The Almighty God. He described the concept “In front of the behind image” as challenging to the mind but to the artist a generator of reasons why it is so. He briefly used an illustration whereby an image is been looked at and seeing not just the image but the personality behind that image. The crowd gave attentive ears as he enlightened and carefully broke down the technologies of Art. They cheered as he gave illustrations of in front of behind the image which includes the internet and software technologies. He made mention that printing started in Creek Town near Calabar and corrected the notion that it started in Calabar. As time went on, empty seats were filled up as more students and guests strolled in, so as not to miss the lecture. Various photographs were shown from old times on how printing started. The lecture then ended with the Vice-Chancellor decorating the Prof. accompanied by his wife, family members and some guests.

Fine And Applied Art
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Thursday, July 5, 2018
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