"If you want to be poor , be an employee only : an accountant 's perspective of wealth creation"


The lecture title “If you want to be poor, be an employee only: An Accountant’s Perspective of Wealth Creation” is anchored on the need
to provide a better and far reaching approach and insight which will squarely and pragmatically address the twin issue of unemployment and poverty
in our society in general and in particular to draw the attention of paid employees and even potential employees many of whom may be here in this
audience to an accountant’s perspectives of the right knowledge of wealth creation.
People say that when you are healthy, you are also wealthy. This is only philosophically correct to some extent. Let us not pretend.
There are many healthy but poor folks around. In fact, poverty has to a very large extent made it difficult for us to clearly distinguish
between the poor and the sick in our society.
You need wealth to some extent to stay healthy. After all, wealth can also to some extent procure health. Living well requires to a very large
extent eating well and eating well helps us to live healthier and longer. And eating well requires money. Money is a major component of wealth.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015
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