"Lifting Oneself with the Bootstrap: My Research Experience"


This inaugural lecture stated that the essential role of statistical research is to develop new
tools for use at the frontier of knowledge and that meaningful progress is made in this regard if
the researcher possesses a good background in mathematics. The lecture classifed statistics as
an aspect of mathematics known as applied mathematics. In the lecture a 'worthy' statistician
is described as one who supports his statement(s) with proof(s). A listing of the aspects of
modern statistics was given to serve as a guide to students, researchers and research funding
agencies. This was followed by the chronicles on the development of statistics.
The lecture hailed the advent of computer for it has made the statistician think the unthinkable.
The development of the 'Bootstrap' was facilitated by the computer revolution. The Bootstrap,
which is like the invisible doing the impossible, is the driving force for this inaugural lecture.
The thrust of the lecture is the contribution to knowledge of Prof. S. M. Ogbonmwan, who is
ranked as the 610 distinguished authors in Statistics from 105 countries. Prof. Ogbonmwan
had made giant strides in the world of statistics. These include: the development of the WN
statistics for the further analysis of experiments, the Accelerated Resampling Technique (ART)
and the Coordinate Data Matching Code which are refinements of the bootstrap, the exact per-
mutation distribution for test statistics, the bootstrap likelihood, the permutation likelihood,
and the eciency of kernel densities. Some of these works received international recognition.
For instance, the WN statistic won the frst prize in the International Award for Young Statisti-
cians in developing countries in 1983 in a competition organized by the International Statistics
Institute, Madrid, Spain.
The use of statistics in handling contemporary issues was also presented. The naira-US dol-
lar exchange rate was the major concern. The exchange rate through the interplay of market
forces was determined using the bootstrap, which specied a confidence interval for the naira.
Rather than relying only on this point of view, the lecture also presented the determination
of exchange rate from an engineering perspective based on a bounded optimal control within
the framework of statistical process control. By these methods, the lecture attempted to find a
suitable naira-US dollar exchange rate. Can we achieve an exchange rate of one naira to a dollar?
The lecture recommended that statistician should upgrade themselves in software application
and development, a review of the statistics curricula in line with the modern day trend and
that institutions should engage full-
edged statisticians in statistics and its related activities.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016
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