"Managing Our Culture And Securing Our Future"


The purpose of all the arts is to communicate the artists’ thoughts or emotions, to give aesthetic pleasure and to clarify or help us understand life.
It is in the Arts – theatre arts, literary arts and the visual arts – that Nigeria has achieved its most remarkable international honours, laurels and global
respect in the world discourses of the liberal arts. Starved by multinational companies, abandoned by the banks, and neglected by governments,
Nigerian artists still stand tall over and above other professionals as the nations number one and most prominent ambassadors.
Culture is an essential ingredient in nurturing a disciplined society. It is the moral values of the people, their manners, mannerisms,
their costumes, customs, their characters, characteristics, their philosophy, religion and everything the totality of their existence is their culture.
Once people abandon their culture, as it is the case with Nigeria today, the consequence of it is the loss of identity (Sule, 2009, p. 26).

Theatre Art
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Thursday, March 17, 2016
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