The 203rd inaugural lecture series was held on Thursday, the 19th of July, 2018 at the Akin-Deko Auditorium was graced by eminent personalities of the school; the Vice- Chancellor, DVC Administration, DVC Academics, the Registrar, Bursar, Liberian, Deans of various Faculties, Administrators, Staffs, Students, Royal Fathers, Chiefs, Rev. Fathers, Past CMD UBTH, Family, Relatives, Friends and well-wishers. The event kicked off with the opening prayers and the national Anthem which preceded the Schools harmonious anthem. Succeeded by this was the opening speech by the VC where he noted that it is the 56th in his tenure, 46th in medical sciences and 3rd in hematology. Thereafter a brief biography of the Prof. was given. He is happily married to an Accountant and is blessed with 4 children. He became a resident doctor in April 1992.

He defined hematology as the aspect of medicine that deals with blood cells and one of the most common blood disorders is anemia. He defined a hematologist as a person who specializes in the treatment of blood diseases. The crowd all quietly listened as he went further to talk on hemoglobin, blood transplant and cell transplant. He corrected the fact that it is hemoglobin phenotype and not genotype. He noted that when an AS male and AS female marries, it is a chance of luck that they would have AA or AS children. He joked that when a man likes a woman and walks up to her, he should declare his name and phenotype to avoid heartbreak.

The place of the event was packed full as people trooped in to get full knowledge of the causes, diagnosis, prevention and cure of sickle cell diseases. The crowd was also enlightened that an AA man and AS woman can give birth to an SS child. It was also noted that people who donate blood live healthier and last longer. He advised that we save a soul by donating. It was really an educative lecture which cannot easily be forgotten. The event ended with the Prof. being decorated by the VC amidst his immediate family.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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